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🫧An introvert's floral bubble🫧

🫧An introvert's floral bubble🫧

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🌱Spring's Garden collection🏡🐇

🩵An introvert's floral bubble🫧

I watched a show called Heart Signal 6 and the man said. "Why do people mostly think that a bubble is a soap bubble? It can be made out of steel and can be strong."
I really love that and got inspired!

Some people are actually great at creating a world inside their bubble and at the same time they open the door to share their creations outside their bubble!🫧

Whether you thrive inside or outside your bubble, the important thing is you're happy with who you are and you have a safe space for yourself!🫧🍀

This is a really calming bracelet and can be used during meditative session🩵 I'd also recommend this for events where you need to engage in a lot of conversation 🩵 This is also good as safety for travel🌊

Don't be fooled by the calm color, this is actually a powerful protection to stay true to who you are. "No one is you, and that is your power."🧿

Handmade polymer clay
15mm Selenite
13mm Clear quartz
12mm morgante
Blue lace agate barrel
Lab aquamarine

🍀Php1,211 (inclusive of microsite fees)
can be resized from 15-17cm
🐇one of a kind, cannot be restocked
🎨Each flower is handmade and baked. They are also waterproof but please do not deliberately break 🙏

with love,



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