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High quality Blue Lace Agate barrel

High quality Blue Lace Agate barrel

Regular price ₱3,111.00 PHP
Regular price Sale price ₱3,111.00 PHP
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🧚‍♀️pre-sold at private stories🧚‍♀️

discounted price is only available for 🧚‍♀️Spring Fairies🧚‍♀️ members

Regular price of Php3,111 is very reasonable for  chunky blue lace agate bead and visible bandings💙💙💙

If you are interested, please click Pre-order🧚‍♀️

However, we need at least 5 crystal lover sisters/brothers who want this kind of quality so I can avail free sf from supplier. If not, shipping is $16

🌟Also, crystals are different so the full bracelet may not look EXACTLY like this but I will request bandings with druzy🌟

🍄Please only pre-order if you can wait 2-3 weeks🍄

with love,



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