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🪻Mystic Flower🪻OOAK Premium healing bracelet

🪻Mystic Flower🪻OOAK Premium healing bracelet

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🪻Protect and own your Mystic magick with this healing bracelet 🪄 featuring healing stones:

Ocean Jasper (I got the one with purple. tone)

14mm Smoky quartz 🌕 for grounding and protection

14mm Amethyst 💜 for patience, intuition, understanding of different perspective

12mm Pietersite 🖤 enhance your connection with etheric realm, telepathy, astral travel while staying grounded

Lepidolite 🪻 when everything feels too much, this stone will help you feel calm 

Handmade evil eye protection & polymer clay flowers

🐇One of a kind, cannot be restocked🌸

❣️can be resized from 15cm-17cm only

I hope this handmade creation and crystal curation truly resonates with you🌷

with love,




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